About Mrs. Padilly

Welcome to the world of Mrs. Padilly.

Mrs. Padilly's Travels

I started MrsPadilly.wordpress.com back in 2012, when I launched into the world of travel blogging.

In 2014, I expanded the scoop of this original blog with the launch of  MrsPadillysTravels.com,  a glampy-campy artsy-craftsy lifestyle and travel website for “Living Life in the Outdoors ~ Texas Style.”

MrsPadillysTravels.com is the home of my very popular glamping makeover projects on my Casita Travel Trailer and Shasta Airflyte Reissue.

In addition to my makeover series, I have started working on new projects for creating a backyard campground (Camp Brigadoon), an outdoor junk garden (Mrs. Padilly’s Garden, which is based on a children’s book I am writing), and the glamping lifestyle.

As a travel writer at heart, I continue to share my camping, boating and road trip adventures. These travel articles include photographs and tips to help you plan your own visit, or just experience life as a Texan.

This original site now serves as my personal blog, where I come to connect with the larger blogging community, and share my love and photography of Texas.

I hope you choose to connect by following along.

Happy trails!
Mrs. padilly

(last updated December 5, 2017)

Mrs. Padilly*: Overall creative junkie, digital designer, artist, writer, and educator ~ also known as DM Johnson.

*Mrs. Padilly and the Texas Padilly logo is a trademark of the MrsPadillysTravels.com, a division of studioDMJ.

If you would like more information on my professional background, please visit my LinkedIn profile.



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